Simply Living Journal

Make an organic Christmas floral table centrepiece

Our talented organic florist, Danielle Clark has put together a simple centrepiece for the Christmas table using items you may have around the house and flowers and foliage from the home garden.

You will need a large bowl and a pillar candle tall enough to keep the flame safely away from the finished arrangement. Gather foliage and flowers from the garden. Pull off any dead leaves or damaged petals and trim the pieces ready to use.

Place the candle in the middle of the bowl and create a lattice effect across the top using sticky tape.

Start with a few larger pieces of foliage and look for pieces that are even in shape. Pull the leaves off the lower part of the stems so there aren’t any under the water and arrange them in the bowl symmetrically. Danielle has used fern.

Add another layer of foliage. Danielle has used some English box.

She has then added some gum, variegated holly and a few pieces of asparagus fern. The idea is to keep building the foliage placing the stems through the spaces between the tape until you can’t see it, or see the bowl.

Add a few larger flowers arranging them symmetrically. Danielle has used red roses but there are many varieties and colours that can be used.

Then add some smaller flowers to complete the arrangement. Small pink roses, tea tree, forget-me-nots and a small native flower have been used to complete this one.

The beautiful finished centrepiece ready to place on the Christmas table.